I am a piano teacher and one of my students dared me to try it. Best dare ever. I never looked back! Great instructors, a great atmosphere, and a healthy challenge. One of the best decisions I've made was to join SMMA. I have been here for 4yrs now and if you want good exercise, a healthy challenge while having fun and always learning, go here. As an adult student I recommend SMMA.

Sarah S., July 5, 2015

High Quality, Friendly, Family-Run Business

Our son was having trouble focusing and responding to discipline so we thought we'd give taekwondo a try. SMMA was friendly & helpful from the beginning, and our son loved going from day one. He's learning how to follow directions, stay focused, and have fun at the same time. He really respects his instructor and feels a sense of accomplishment learning his form. We highly recommend SMMA to anyone!

Tanya & Kevin H., July 15, 2015

After school my son Orrin started coming home with an attitude which is really not like him. I talked to the teachers at school to see how his behavior was they said, he's great sweetest kid ever. They did say that he really relies on the schedule each day. So looking at our schedule, I realized we didn't really have one, too much free time for him. So we went and watched a session at SMMA. His response was “mom I got this stretching stuff in the bag". He's 5.. I laughed so hard and signed him up then and there. He has class MWF and Sat. mornings. He can't wait for those days and the best part is the attitude is gone and he's back to my amazing sweet kid who is happy and funny! I couldn't be happier with the Instructors; they are amazing with the kids. Thank you SMMA for bringing back the excitement in our week.

The Gessner Family , April 22, 2014

My son has been going to SMMA for almost 2 years. He had studied TKD for about 5 years before that. He went from liking TKD to loving it. His strength, coordination, and confidence have grown tremendously. And his SMMA family has become an extension of our own. I highly recommend this organization for anyone considering this course of study. Not only are the people amazing but the cost and flexible schedule make it even more appealing.

Ronda Redmond, September 13, 2015