Corporate and Group Training

Corporate and Group Training

In addition to our regular classes, we offer group self-defense/self-protection seminars, and corporate training. Current on-going and past clients include:

  • Coughlan Companies, North Mankato
  • Mankato Area Derby Girls
  • City of Mankato
  • Martin Luther College, New Ulm
  • Bethany Lutheran College, Mankato
  • South Central College, North Mankato
  • Mankato Squadron Civil Air Patrol Cadets
  • LEEP
  • multiple area Boy Scout & Girl Scout clubs
  • Area church & school groups.

Group Self Defense/Self-protection Seminars

Self-defense/self-protection training seminars can be set up as a onetime event or an ongoing, six week event (recommended), for your social, work, or church group.

During  these seminars you will learn practical defense & protection techniques based on the Israeli self-defense system Krav Maga. Training is conducted in a safe environment from experienced and friendly instructors. This program can be customized to fit almost any size group regardless of age or experience.

Please contact us for details.

Corporate Training

We provide custom corporate training packages for employees focusing on reducing stress, improving fitness and team building,                                                                                         while providing real world practical self-defense and self-protection.Group self defense

Our training has been shown to produce the following benefits:

  • Reduction in absenteeism, improving productivity
  • Improvement in a general feeling of well-being of the employees, enhancing motivation and creativity
  • Reduction in the incidence and cost of medical care which can impact the cost of group coverage policies
  • Reduction of work stress, leading to an improved employee outlook and productivity at work

A program can be implemented for key executives and/or made available to those in need throughout the organization.

For a special demonstration of how this program works, including the various exercises described, please call today.