Kickboxing -    Tues at 6:30 pm and Fri at 7:00 pm

Intro to Kickboxing

Our kickboxing class is designed as an entry level class for people that want a full body workout. We welcome anyone that has never trained in a martial art or has trained in a martial art in the past and may be looking to get back into it again. Some of the skills you will develop in this class are how to strike properly, how to hold the pads correctly, proper foot work and self-defense application. If you are looking for a good starting point to learn some great self-defense this class is for you.

What’s the difference between Cardio Kickboxing and Kickboxing?

Simply put Kickboxing is something you learn Cardio Kickboxing is some you do.

Cardio kickboxing classes are offered by many fitness gyms, and the focus is twofold: movement and fun. There's little to no emphasis placed on technique, and the boxing and martial arts moves are kept simple.

Kickboxing places a heavy emphasis on proper technique. This often fosters a deep mind-body connection because of the focus and attention to detail it requires. Forging such a bond also relieves stress by calming the mind. In that respect, focused kickboxing practice is a lot like meditation—but with uppercuts.  Most kickboxing classes are held at martial arts schools, not regular fitness gyms. You’ll learn techniques such as punching, kicking, blocking, counters, and footwork. You may work by striking heavy bags, or by working with a partner holding focus mitts or Thai pads.

Both kickboxing and cardio kickboxing can help you lose weight and reach your exercise requirements. However, the two types of classes feel very different due to the different aims of those teaching and participating. If you want a martial arts workout with practical applications, look to a kickboxing class. Even if you are just looking for a workout, consider our kickboxing class. There is greater emphasis on resistance training, generally pushing you harder.

Is this good for self-defense?

Yes, it is. Unlike a cardio kickboxing class which is about movement and fun, at Southern Minnesota Martial Arts we place an emphasis on proper technique and power. You will learn how to take what is taught in class and apply it to street defense.

Will I have to spar (fight) anyone?

No, you will not. Most people that take a kickboxing class will never spar or fight anyone much less step foot into a ring. You will hold pads for your training partner, after you are taught how to do so properly. Holding pads is an important part of training as it not only contributes to strength and conditioning but from a self-defense standpoint you need to know what a punch and kick looks like coming at you.

How long are your classes?

 Each class is 1 hour long and offered 2 times per week for 8-week sessions. And yes, you can join a session in progress.

What equipment do I need?

The equipment list is short. Boxing gloves, shin and foot guards and a mouthpiece.

When you are trying out a class, equipment will be provided for you. As you progress in your training you will want to buy your own equipment, not only will it fit better but it will be more comfortable. Equipment can be purchased at the gym, online, or a sporting goods store. Because of the need to keep you and others safe please check with a staff member before buying equipment.

Do I need to be in shape or know any martial arts?

 Nope, most people start kickboxing to lose weight and get into better shape.  A good example is having to get smarter before going to college, that’s what college is for.  All you need is a desire to learn something new.

Is this a good workout/will it help me lose weight/get stronger…?

 The benefits of kickboxing are well known from helping tone your body and build muscle mass. Kickboxing is a full body workout that allows you to work out muscles that are not as commonly used, along with those that are.  It is a moderate to high-intensity workout that you can do to burn a lot of calories quickly and as an added benefit It helps reduce stress levels. 

 If you are considering taking a kickboxing class, we encourage you to come in and chat with our staff. We understand that these types of classes can be intimidating, especially if you have never participated in martial arts training before.

What if…...

 No more what ifs. Come in and try a class or two on us and see how much fun kickboxing can be.