Summer Camps 2018

Sword sparring 2018

Along with receiving instruction in the art of a traditional weapon, students will spend time practice sparring, performing proficiency drills, and socializing.

Our goal is that the training in these camps will help increase reflexes, body awareness, and physical fitness, along with building leadership skills, self-confidence and create friendships with a positive peer group.

Most of all, these camps are designed for each camper to have fun!

Action Flex Sword  from CENTURY

Designed to simulate authentic weaponry, allowing students to spar and practice without holding back and without the dangers of live weapons; made of durable, shock-absorbing materials and features a non-slip, sure-grip impact handle.

Monday - Friday                                 June 18th –  22nd

 12:00 pm - 3:30 pm                        July 16th – 20th

                               August 13th – 17th

$210.00 per session - SMMA members

$225.00 per session -   Non-members

Full payment required at time of registration.

All campers will receive a camp T-shirt and their own padded sword and headgear.