Taekwondo Programs

Red Dragons – 5 & 6 year olds

Basic blocks, kicks, and punches are taught, along with physical exercise and life skill development. Emphasis focuses on listening skills and large motor skills to help develop balance and coordination.

As the child advances, additional memory and life skills are added with the introduction of Taekwon-do patterns. It is designed to prepare the student for regular Taekwon-do classes.


Youth Taekwondo Classes – 7 to 13 years old

There are many reasons for kids to become involved in the martial arts. We have developed our youth program based on traditional Taekwondo skills. Along with additional technical skills our junior students are introduced to self-defense/self- protection skills and awareness.

Adult Taekwondo – ages 14 and older

Traditional Taekwondo designed for the older student. With this age group the curriculum is at a higher level and self-defense with real word application is stressed. Classes are fun and exciting as well as providing a great anaerobic and aerobic workout. Students will see gains in mental focus and self-confidence.