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Daycare Group Programs in North Mankato

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Take The Stress Out Of Your Daycare Group's Activity Planning

Are you looking for a way to help your daycare group continue learning, stay fit, and get trustworthy supervision? Our team at Southern Minnesota Martial Arts can help!

Our specialized Daycare Group Programs offer a safe, structured environment for your children. We are proud to provide an engaging opportunity for learning and physical activity, that also gives them awesome Taekwondo training that will showcase bullyproof skills, how to identify and avoid strangers, self-defense, and more!

Give your daycare group the best experience in North Mankato and take the stress of worrying about your children off your plate. Our services are available to parents and children from across the greater Mankato area!

Reach out to us with questions or simply fill out the short form below and we'll be in touch!

Daycare Group near Mankato

Daycare Group Activity Planning Has Never Been So Easy

Our Daycare Group Program at Southern Minnesota Martial Arts handles all your group's needs. Whether you might be looking to enhance your efforts to prepare children for Kindergarten, looking for a new way to break up the usual routine, or just need an outlet for the extra energy children of all ages seem to have, we’d like to help. We offer fun games, activities, and Taekwondo classes to keep your group active and occupied from the moment they arrive until they're ready to head out -- and throughout their stay, they'll get supervision from our professionally-certified martial arts instructors!

We use proven teaching techniques to help kids from all around Mankato become the best they can be. Why stress over your child's care when everything you need is right here?

Our Daycare Group Program offers:
  • Completely stress-free supervision and care
  • A physical outlet for each and every child
  • Bullyproof & self-defense training

Get Started On High-Quality Daycare Group Classes in North Mankato Today!

Southern Minnesota Martial Arts is proud to provide a daycare group program that covers all the bases, from listening skills to martial arts training and developing your child's physical fitness. Contact us about how our your child can get world-class care close to home.

If you have questions, give us a call or just fill out the short form below and our knowledgeable staff will contact you about your needs!

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